Brakes & Shocks

Part of our NCT test lane, Are you worried about your Brakes or Shocks get them tested, Using this data we can then repair or replace faulty parts.

Lambda Sensor Tester

Faulty Lambda sensor’s can cause anything from emmision problems to high fuel consumption we can detect and replace these sensors.

NCT Test Lane

We have a fully equiped NCT lane including Beam tester, Slip alignment, Shock tester, Brake and park Brake tester.

Slip Alignment

Part of our extensive NCT machinery, Which allows us to make a quick assesment whether your vehicle needs a 4 wheel alignment or not.

Tyre Repairs & Vulcanizing

All tyres must be inspected thoroughly before repair.Punctured tyres must be dis-mounted and inspected internally before any repair is carried out.

Wheel Balancing (All Sizes)

Wheel balancing and wheel alignment are two totally different things, which people often get confused.